Drisya Nambiar is an Indian-born photographer and artist based in Paris, France.  

Photography has always been a growing passion for her ever since she started listening to the stories of her father who was a photographer three decades ago and how he opened the first photography studio at his place just out of passion.

All these made sense when years later she gave up her career in architecture, left India and moved to France to learn photography at its cradle. She started off with documentary and travel photography, concentrated on portraits, got her footing, and subsequently moved to fashion.

She is specialized at fashion, beauty and luxury photography, and trained at Spéos International Photography School, Paris.

"I take great pride in capturing the true spirit and personality of people and the subjects that I photograph. My style has been described as creative, emotional and engaging, I believe in creating the pictures. I am passionate and sensitive, always looking for new projects to work with and to capture the perfect frames."


Currently based in Paris, France.

Available worldwide.

For booking and enquiries, please drop an email at dn@drisyanambiar.com

Tell me all about your upcoming project!

Yohji Yamamoto
Paris Fashion Week FW 2020
Philippe Perisse
Paris Fashion Week FW 2020
Anton Belinsky
Paris Fashion Week RTW Fall 2020
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