About me

Ok, it's gonna be difficult to talk about all my passions and obsessions in a few lines but I'm gonna give it a try anyway!

I'm obsessed with art.

Yes, the expression of human creative skills and imagination in a visual form, producing work to be appreciated primarily for their beauty and emotional power, is something that blows my mind all the time! My grandpa told me I used to make art ever since I was able to hold a pencil in my hand and it's been a journey so far - so, I might as well have been a fan by birth, oh but aren't we all?

Colours, textures, and their dramatic vibes keep my soul alive.

And a part of my brain is constantly intrigued by technology. The application of scientific knowledge to achieve practical purposes amazes me.

I enjoy travelling, music and movies, I believe they create the perfect blend to the existence of humanity.

So this is how I have it - the knowledge that I gained in the field of design, and photography combined with artistic skills and the passion for art and technology, wonderfully allow me to transform ideas into creative visual frameworks.

I take great pride in capturing the true spirit and personality of people and the subjects that I photograph. My style has been described as creative, emotional and engaging, I believe in creating the frames.

Always looking for new projects to work on and to capture the perfect frames.


Available worldwide.

For booking and enquiries, please drop an email at dn@drisyanambiar.com

So, tell me all about your upcoming project!

Yohji Yamamoto
Paris Fashion Week FW 2020
Philippe Perisse
Paris Fashion Week FW 2020
Anton Belinsky
Paris Fashion Week RTW Fall 2020
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